AAAAI Edition  
March 2008  


Cats are a ubiquitous source of allergens, yet, paradoxically, high exposure to cat allergens can cause tolerance. In this issue, we Focus On...Fel d 1, and cover recent data on Fel d 1 structure and targeting Fel d 1 specific T cell responses - data to be presented at the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) annual meeting, this week in Philadelphia.

In response to several enquiries, we discuss phthalates and endotoxin, or lack thereof, in DUSTREAM¢â collectors. We also provide details of our Vial Replacement Program which enables ELISA kit standards to be replaced free of charge with the new Universal Allergen Standard.

MARIA¢â for allergen detection and allergen-specific IgE will be the theme of Indoor Biotechnologies exhibit at AAAAI. Please visit the exhibit for a demonstration of this powerful technology and how it can help your research projects.

¢®Se habla espanol! Para todos nuestros amigos de habla hispana, Indoor Biotechnologies ha recibido el permiso para reproducir el capitulo de las Dras. Anna Pomes y Mayte Villalba sobre "Alergenos" del libro de texto Tratado de Alergologia, producido bajo los auspicios de la Sociedad Espanola de Alergia e Inmunologia Clinica...ver detalles mas abajo!

Finally, our training course on indoor allergens is scheduled for September in Charlottesville. We look forward to seeing you at AAAAI in Philadelphia.

in this issue
  • Focus On...Fel d 1
  • INBIO at AAAAI , Philadelphia, March 14-18
  • MARIA¢â Allergen Arrays
  • Allergen Standards - Vial Replacement Program
  • DUSTREAM¢â, Phthalates & Endotoxin
  • INBIO Training Course on Health Effects of Indoor Allergens...September 08
  • ¢®Alergenos en espanol!

  • INBIO at AAAAI , Philadelphia, March 14-18

    Please join us at Exhibit 219 for further information about our products and services:

    • Multiplex arrays for indoor allergens (MARIA¢â) on the Luminex xMAP¢ç system
    • DUSTREAM¢â environmental samplers
    • LoTox¢â low endotoxin purified allergens
    • ELISA products, rapid tests

    Join us for a demonstration of MARIA¢â technology, which enables 8 allergens to be measured in a single test - one test, multiple assays!

    Scientists from INDOOR Biotechnologies have several oral and poster presentations at AAAAI.

    MARIA¢â Allergen Arrays

    MARIA¢â - Multiplex ARrays for Indoor Allergens using Luminex xMAP¢ç technology

    MARIA¢â represents the next generation of ELISA and combines Indoor Biotechnologies allergen- specific monoclonal antibodies with the power of Luminex xMAP¢ç technology to measure eight allergens at once in a single test. MARIA¢â provides improved assay performance (increased sensitivity, accuracy and precision) in a high throughput system with substantial time and cost savings.

    Customers can choose from two kits, each containing pre-mixed microspheres, as follows:

    • 5-plex: Der p 1, Der f 1, Mite Group 2, Fel d 1, Can f 1 (Product Code MRA-P5)
    • 8-plex: Der p 1, Der f 1, Mite Group 2, Fel d 1, Can f 1, Rat n 1, Mus m 1, Bla g 2 (MRA-P8)

    Custom combinations of bead sets are available. For a limited time, custom 5-plex arrays will be the same price as our standard 5-plex. Standard discounts (15%) are applied to orders of five or more kits.

    MARIA¢â kits and services are available exclusively through Indoor Biotechnologies. For full details, see:

    Allergen Standards - Vial Replacement Program

    Indoor Biotechnologies recently introduced a Universal Allergen Standard (UAS) that contains eight purified natural allergens from dust mite, cat, dog, rat, mouse and cockroach [UAS pdf]. The UAS is designed for use in both ELISA and MARIA¢â. From January 2008, the UAS is provided in ELISA and MARIA¢â kits.

    To assist customers in changing to the UAS, Indoor Biotechnologies has implemented a free vial replacement program. Under this program, vials of ELISA allergen standards in ELISA kits that were purchased after July 1, 2007 will be replaced free of charge with one vial of the UAS for each ELISA kit purchased.

    To take advantage of this offer customers should provide: invoice or other documentation of ELISA kit purchase; number of ELISA kits purchased; ELISA kit product codes; and number of replacement vials being requested. US customers should contact: : other customers should contact our UK office at:

    DUSTREAM¢â, Phthalates & Endotoxin
    Old Brewery building, Warminster

    DUSTREAM¢â collectors are essentially phthalate and endotoxin free. In response to customer enquiries, our plastics company has checked with the three manufacturers whose products are used in DUSTREAM¢â: DOW Chemical, Clariant Corp., and Basell Polyolefins. DOW and Clariant do not use phthalates in their manufacturing processes. The phthalate concentration of Basell resins is less than 25ppm: in contrast, plastics that require phthalate plasticizers contain up to 500,000ppm phthalates. Documents are on file to confirm these specifications. We also have data indicating that the surface endotoxin levels on the collectors are undetectable.

    Based on these data, INDOOR Biotechnologies believes that DUSTREAM¢â collectors can be reliably used for environmental sampling to determine exposures to phthalates and endotoxin.

    INBIO Training Course on Health Effects of Indoor Allergens...September 08

    Need to know more about indoor allergens, allergic disease and environmental exposure assessment? We will again be holding our successful training course in Charlottesville, September 8-10, 2008. Join us for the course on "Health Effects of Indoor allergens, Molds and Endotoxin: Theory and Practice". The conference includes a distinguished list of invited speakers:

    Elizabeth Matsui MD: Allergens and asthma in inner cities
    Matt Perzanowski PhD: Endotoxins in allergic disease - a plus or minus?
    Herman Mitchell MD: Environmental risk factors for asthma and their control

    This year the program features multiplex array technology for allergen detection (MARIA¢â). Participants will be the first to gain hands-on experience of this powerful technology for allergen exposure assessment. The course provides an excellent opportunity to learn in a relaxed and informal setting. Charlottesville in September is delightful and we are an easy two hours drive from Washington DC.

    The conference is limited to 40 participants. Please register to reserve your place(s) as soon as possible.

    INBIO Training Course - Preliminary Announcement

    ¢®Alergenos en espanol!

    Acaba de aparecer un compendio del conocimiento actual sobre enfermedades alergicas en espanol: el Tratado de Alergologia. Esta obra surgio como una iniciativa de la Junta Directiva de la Sociedad Espanola de Alergia e Inmunologia Clinica, con la intencion de agrupar y reflejar, en una unica obra, el conocimiento actual en este campo y facilitar su estudio. La obra, editada por los Drs. Antonio Pelaez e Ignacio J. Davila, ha sido patrocinada por Glaxo-SmithKline y publicada por la editorial Ergon. Tal como los editores mencionan en el prologo a la primera edicion, el Tratado "viene a llenar una laguna existente en la literatura medica en espanol". A modo de introduccion al Tratado de Alergologia, y con el permiso de la SEAIC, GSK y Ergon, presentamos el primer capitulo sobre Alergenos (pulsar).

    Focus On...Fel d 1

    -the major cat allergen, a thermostable 35kDa tetrameric glycoprotein. Read more about the structure and function of Fel d 1, our new recombinant de-glycosylated Fel d 1 expressed in Pichia pastoris, and targeting Fel d 1 to antigen presenting cells using anti-CD64-Fel d 1 construct. Two papers on these topics will be presented at AAAAI: Wuenschmann et al, JACI 121 (2): S214 (Abst #821) Hulse et al, JACI 121 (2): S305 (Abst #559)
    Epitopes of Fel d 1