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"Allergens Live" Q&A Webinar Tomorrow! Tuesday June 5th, 2012 at 10am US EST" Download Our Complete Product Lists for 2012:
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Get answers on "Allergens Live" a free interactive webinar hosted by ndoor Biotechnologies. Join Drs. Martin Chapman, Anna Pomés and Sabina Wünschmann for a Q&A session.
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ELISA kits
Environmental Testing Maria® Kits Rapid Test
and Dust Collection
Allergens on-Demand Video
Check out our on-Demand video about purified allergens. Dr.Sabina Wünschmann, Head of Allergen Manufacturing, R&D discusses advantages of using purified allergens, and provides insight into Indoor Biotechnologies Allergen Manufacturing processes. The 11 min video highlights Pros, Cons, and applications of natural and recombinant allergens.

Allergens on-Demand Video
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Indoor Biotechnologies products were cited in 687 articles on Google Scholar since 1996. These included 571 research papers and articles (excluding abstracts and our own papers) and 116 patents. Here's the list.

We are grateful to all the scientists, researchers and companies that use our products in their publications.

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