December 2008  


Change is the mantra of the moment. We spent two long, exciting days in September with Bill Reifenburger and friends of Silverthorn Films making a 7min video documentary. The result "About Us" includes all your favorite contacts and shows what we do as a company to produce innovative science, better products, and a creative approach to business. So, grab a coffee, download Quicktime and check out the HD video (!

Changing economic times place a premium on value. In this issue, we highlight the value of both ELISA and MARIA¢â for measuring environmental allergens. You can take advantage of MARIA¢â through one of our Service Partner agreements which provide quantity discounts and preferred services to those in the network. Listen to our podcast on IAQ Radio about allergen exposure assessment.

We also provide an update on new and improved allergen products, including purified peanut and egg allergens. Yes, we have ovalbumin! All are available as LoTox¢â products.

Purified allergens add value and are essential for cutting edge allergy research. Our Research Highlights feature showcases the structure of epitopes on cockroach allergen, as well as the European Union CREATE project for allergen standardization.

in this issue
  • Food Allergens
  • INBIO Video
  • Allergen Update: Mite, Cat, LoTox¢â
  • Research Highlights
  • MARIA¢â, ELISA - Added Value
  • MARIA¢â Service Partner Agreements
  • We're on IAQ Radio! (podcast)
  • Holiday Service

  • INBIO Video

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    Allergen Update: Mite, Cat, LoTox¢â

    • Natural Der p 1 with cysteine protease activity, but serine-protease free
    • Serine proteases from D. pteronyssinus - a new research reagent
    • Recombinant deglycosylated Fel d 1: antigenically identical to natural Fel d 1
    • H22+ Fel d 1 for specific targeting to antigen presenting cells
    Complete details and supporting data

    Research Highlights

    Dr. Anna Pomes and colleagues recently determined the crystal structure of a cockroach allergen, Bla g 2, monoclonal antibody complex. The antibody (mAb 7C11) is used in ELISA and was used to identify IgE binding residues on the surface of Bla g 2. See: Li et al, J Biol Chem 283: 22806-22814, 2008.

    Two new papers report the results of the European Union CREATE project to develop purified allergen standards and certified ELISA to measure allergens. CREATE is the most comprehensive allergen standardization project in recent years. Two allergens, rBet v 1 and rPhl p 5, are currently being evaluated by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM) for inclusion in the European Pharmacopeia. CREATE provides a model for international allergen standardization. See: van Ree at al, Allergy 63:310- 326, 2008; Chapman et al, J Allergy Clin Immunol 122:882-9, 2008.

    MARIA¢â, ELISA - Added Value

    The U.S. National Heart Lung and Blood Institute Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Asthma (EPR-3, July 07) recommends that patients with asthma should reduce exposure to environmental allergens - see

    http: // sthma/06_sec3_comp3.pdf

    Here we outline the value of using ELISA and/or MARIA for allergen detection in dust, air or other environmental samples.

    MARIA¢â Service Partner Agreements

    For companies that don't have capabilities to perform MARIA¢â testing using our 8-plex or 5-plex kits, Indoor Biotechnologies offers Service Partner agreements. Let us be your lab! Indoor Biotechnologies will perform MARIA¢â tests for eight allergens on samples submitted by Service Partners.

    Service Partner Benefits include:

    • No upfront costs or investment
    • Price discount on MARIA¢â services and DUSTREAM¢â collectors
    • Training for Service Partner Employees
    • Price discount on Inbio training course
    • "Preferred Customer" status and support

    For further details, contact Amy Tsay (

    We're on IAQ Radio! (podcast)

    Thanks to Joe Hughes and Cliff Zlotnik for hosting us on IAQ Radio in September. We discussed allergens, environmental control procedures and how to set up in the IAQ business. Check out these links to the show!
    The 45 min in depth podcast (skip the 6-7mins intro if you want) is here:

    Holiday Service

    Indoor Biotechnologies will be closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays as follows:

    • IBI, Charlottesville, VA: Closed Dec 24-26;
      Dec 31 - Jan 2.
    • IBL, Warminster, UK: Closed Dec 24 - Jan 1;
      open Jan 2.
    Food Allergens

    New products!
    Purified natural allergens from peanut and egg:

    • nAra h 1
    • nAra h 2
    • LoTox¢â nGal d 1 (ovomucoid)
    • LoTox¢â nGal d 2 (ovalbumin)
    • Endotoxin <0.03 EU/¥ìg.

    More details..
    Focus on Ara h 1